Special sessions

The call for proposals of special sessions is closed.
Special sessions have been announced on April 30th, 2024.
Together with technical sessions, they are open for the subsmission of abstracts.

Special Sessions (accepted)Proposers / Chairs
Artificial Spin Ice Physics and ApplicationsNicolas Rougemaille
Daniel Lacour
Controlling Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya InteractionMichaela Kuepferling
Marco Madami
Curvilinear and 3D MagnetismDenys Makarov
Gaspare Varvaro
Claire Donnelly
Simone Finizio
Magnetic Levitation and Bearings and Electrical Machine ModelingAntonino Musolino
Claudia Simonelli
Nicolò Gori
Magnetic Wireless Power Transfer: Innovations in Materials, Control Algorithms and ModellingAlicia Triviño Cabrera
Fabio Corti
Opportunities and Challenges in Spintronics TechnologyDavi Rodrigues
Giovanni Finocchio
Sensing and Harvesting Devices Employing Multi-Functional MaterialsCiro Visone
Simone Fabbrici

Call for proposals

We welcome proposals of Special Sessions describing the latest and emerging research in the fields of magnetism!

  • Deadline for the proposal is: April 24th, 2024 – CLOSED.
  • To submit your session proposal, please download the proposal template, rename the document as “SpecialSession_proposal_LastNameMainProposer” and submit it via email to chairs@aim2025.it with the object “Special Session proposal LastNameMainProposer”.
  • Each proposal should include 2-3 invited speakers who are experts in the proposed topic. If the session is accepted, we will open the session also for contributed presentations.
  • Notification of acceptance will be announced by April 30th, 2024.