AIM2025 will focus on numerous topics of magnetism, organized in technical and special sessions. The former have been defined by the general chairs considering the tradition of the conference and the current research with a broad spectrum of interest, the latter have been proposed by researchers on specific themes.

All the sessions are open for the submission of abstracts.

Technical SessionsChairs
Additive Manifacturing of Magnetic MaterialsVictorino Franco
Paola Tiberto
AltermagnetsMario Carpentieri
Johan Mentink
Antiferro- and Ferri-magnetic SpintronicsAlberto Brambilla
Romain Lebrun
Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Soft-Computing for MagnetismAlexander Kovacs
Antonino Laudani
Magnetic Materials for Energy ApplicationsFranca Albertini
Spomenka Kobe
Magnetic MeasurementsCindi Dennis
Bernardo Tellini
Magnetic Nanoparticles and Biomedical ApplicationsMakis Angelakeris
Marco Coisson
Magnetism for Neuromorphic and Unconventional ComputingGiovanni Finocchio
Jean Anne Incorvia
Non-Destructive TestingStefano Laureti
Qiuji Yi
Numerical Modeling and MicromagneticsMassimiliano d’Aquino
Riccardo Hertel
Skyrmions and Magnetic TexturesAndrea Meo
Christina Psaroudaki
Spin Waves and MagnonicsGiovanni Carlotti
Katrin Schulteiss
Spin-Orbit Torque and Spin-CurrentsCristian Rinaldi
Jagoda Slawinska
Special SessionsChairs
Artificial Spin Ice Physics and ApplicationsNicolas Rougemaille
Daniel Lacour
Controlling Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya InteractionMichaela Kuepferling
Marco Madami
Curvilinear and 3D MagnetismDenys Makarov
Gaspare Varvaro
Claire Donnelly
Simone Finizio
Magnetic Levitation and Bearings and Electrical Machine ModelingAntonino Musolino
Claudia Simonelli
Nicolò Gori
Magnetic Wireless Power Transfer: Innovations in Materials, Control Algorithms and ModellingAlicia Triviño Cabrera
Fabio Corti
Opportunities and Challenges in Spintronics TechnologyDavi Rodrigues
Giovanni Finocchio
Sensing and Harvesting Devices Employing Multi-Functional MaterialsCiro Visone
Simone Fabbrici